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Black Tea and Stroke Prevention

Posted by Susan Lutfallah on June 6, 2009

A long-term study by the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment found a correlation between regular consumption of black tea and reduced risk of stroke. Researchers concluded that the flavonoids in black tea helped reduce the production of LDL – the “bad” cholesterol that can lead to stroke and heart attacks. Furthermore, men who drank over four cups of black tea per day had a significantly lower risk of stroke than men who drank only two to three cups per day.

Moreover, investigators at UCLA’s School of Medicine sought to identify and summarize all human clinical and observational data on tea in general and stroke – therefore, they conducted a meta-analysis of several scientific experiments to achieve this goal. Although a randomized clinical trial would be necessary to confirm the effect, their meta-analysis suggested that daily consumption of either green or black tea equalling 3 cups per day could prevent the onset of ischemic stroke.

Finally, a separate study by Dr. Joseph Vita at Boston’s School of Medicine supported these results. For four months, sixty-six men drank four cups of either black tea or a placebo daily. Dr. Vita concluded that drinking black tea can help reverse an abnormal functioning of the blood vessels that can contribute to stroke. Furthermore, improvement in the functioning of the blood vessels was visible within two hours of drinking just one cup of black tea!


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